Our Management Team

Company Directors

Daniel Maggs
Co-Founder & CEO

As Vale Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel is responsible for the organisation’s strategy, direction & focus combined with the product development of the company’s portfolio of events, the Upstream West Africa summit, West Africa Power Summit, Upstream East Africa Summit & the Sub-Saharan Africa Power Summit. Daniel co-founded Vale Media Group with one goal in mind; to become the leading Sub Saharan Africa focused Oil, Gas, Power & Mining B2B Events company in the world. Daniel has 10 years of experience in running Upstream Oil & Gas, Power & Mining Business 2 Business events in Sub Saharan Africa and has collaborated and partnered with some of the worlds largest IPP's, National Power Companies, IOC’s, NOC’s & leading service companies in the SSA region. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys travelling around the African continent is a keen surfer and enjoys following his local football team, Cardiff City. Email: daniel.maggs(at)valemediagroup.com

Matthew Hewitson
Co-Founder & President

As Vale Media Group’s President, Matthew is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as leading the company’s product development & strategic partnerships. He co-founded Vale Media Group with one goal in mind; to become the leading Africa focused Oil, Gas & Mining B2B Events Company in the world. Matthew also heads up the the sales efforts and is responsible for enhancing client acquisition, client retention and company profitability across the business and works very closely with the business development unit and all our clients ensuring positive experiences and more importantly measurable ROI from their investments. Matthew has 8 years experience in the Business 2 Business Events industry and has worked with clients from the Fortune 100, Fortune 200 and Fortune 500. Outside of work, Matthew is a volunteer at the RNLI, is married with 2 children, enjoys playing golf and loves sailing. Email: matthew.hewitson(at)valemediagroup.com

Senior Management Team

Phil Manny
VP Sales Director

As Vale Media Group’s VP Sales Director, Phil is tasked with the performance of Vale Media’s sales and its standing in the marketplace. Phil is both a visionary and a pragmatist and has a strong business acumen and has the philosophy that “managers manage leaders lead.” Phil is also responsible for Vale Media’s overall Sales strategy along with the CEO and President. Phil has over 10 years of experience in running Maritime/Offshore Security, Oil, Gas, Mining & Power B2B events in Sub Saharan Africa. Outside of work, Phil has a passion for ice hockey having previously played at a professional level. Email: Phil.Manny(at)valemediagroup.com

Natalie Stone
Events and Marketing Director

Natalie is the Event & Marketing Director for Vale Media Group and oversees the company’s portfolio of products from front end pre-event, to onsite execution and post-event follow up to maximise the customer experience and client retention. Natalie is the main point of contact for every sponsor & delegate attendee. Natalie’s role is driven by problem solving and liaising with each attendee, to ensure they gain the maximum value from our events. Natalie’s day-to-day tasks are varied and involve managing P & L event & travel budget. Natalie is responsible for organising the events schedule and communicating effectively with all departments within the company. Natalie is also tasked with identifying opportunities to reduce costs & implementing new travel policies. Alongside this, Natalie coordinates directly with our chosen hotels & venues, the design team and even sourcing contractors to undertake the technical demands of our portfolio of events. Outside of work Natalie enjoys travelling to new places and spending time with her family. Email: natalie.stone(at)valemediagroup.com

Desmond Henry
Delegate Acquisition Manager

As Vale Media Group’s Delegate Acquisition Manager, Desmond is responsible for supporting and driving the delegate acquisition campaigns for Vale Media Group’s entire portfolio of events in Sub Saharan Africa. Desmond’s primary role is to develop and maintain solid relationships with key customers. Desmond is also tasked with compiling intelligence from his delegates to assist with the marketing and sales efforts and works closely with the content committee to construct unique agendas for each event keeping inline with current trends and challenges within the industry. Desmond controls the booking of keynote speakers to help build each product and brand for the on-site event experience. Outside of work Desmond is happily married and enjoys football and reading. Email: desmond.henry(at)valemediagroup.com