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What is the main difference between your summit format and traditional trade shows & exhibitions?

The main difference is that our summits are closed-door and operate on an invite only basis. This approach ensures that we target the highest level of decision makers and key stakeholders. The spaces to attend the summit are also limited making the summit environment very intimate which increases the likelihood of doing business onsite as you have the ability to really get to know your peers and build that level of understanding and trust which is fundamental when doing business.

How do I get maximum value out of attending your summits?

Our company puts the necessary foundations in place prior to the summit by personalising every attendee’s agenda for the summit. We personalise the agenda to ensure maximum value to the attendee. Our team work tirelessly before each summit to ensure your B2B meetings are targeted and the sessions you will participate in are suited to your interests and needs. Our assistance does not stop there, we will help with introductions at the summit and post summit we are always on hand to assist with any follow up requirements.

Tell me about your summit app?

The app was designed to be an easy and functional tool for each of our attendees to use as we steer away from printed materials. Prior to a summit each attendee will receive a unique log in to their account on the app, once logged in the attendee will have access to attendee profiles, their personalised agenda, speakers, sponsors and also be able to start communicating with their peers using the app’s chat function. The app uses push notifications and live updates to ensure a smooth running of the summit.
How do you determine the topics discussed at your summits?
All the themes and topics are end user driven and put together by our content committee which consists of our delegation and government relations team who set the hot themes and issues that are currently facing the industry.

What level of executive will I meet with?

We aim to bring the highest level of executive we can from their respective companies. Because of the summit’s closed door nature, our delegates attend on an invite only basis ensuring this level is achieved.

What is the difference between a sponsor and a delegate?

Sponsors are vendors. Vendors that sponsor our summits will have their branding throughout the summit and have a solution or a technology they are looking to showcase. We offer various sponsorship packages and can tailor packages to suit specific company needs. Delegates are end users. End users attend on an invite only basis, from the National Power Companies, Independent Power Producers, International Oil Companies, National Oil Companies, Ministries and Government bodies.

How do I get a B2B meeting at the summit?

Sponsors have between 4-8 pre-arranged B2B meetings at the summit, however if you are not a sponsor, you may also have meetings in your personalised agenda as you can be selected by the sponsors if they are interested to meet with you.

How much does it cost?

Please email- info@valemediagroup.com to speak to a member of our team as we need to understand your company’s objectives.

My colleague doesn’t speak English, only French, is this a problem?

We have a translation service at the summit ensuring both English and French speakers can understand presentations clearly. The summit app also uses both languages.

I’m a member of the press, can I attend?

Yes you can, please contact our Marketing Director – natalie.stone@valemediagroup.com

How can I follow any updates or developments for your summits?

Please follow Vale Media Group on our Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter pages to be kept up to date.

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